Distinctive Course Features

There are significant differences among links courses – in topography, sea views, fairway contours, bunker styles, green complexes, landscape mosaic, and even the smallest of course details, e.g. path and step details. Distinctive Course Features is a photographic journey with text and music that highlights Castle Stuart’s distinctive character in the world of links golf.

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Many links courses are known for their uneven or ‘rumpled’ fairways. Fairways can be flat in areas and ‘rumpled’ in others with differences in ‘lie and stance’ of tactical significance. Greenside rumple can disturb the release of an approach to a ‘short pin’ from certain angles. ‘Rumple’ is inherent to the charm of links golf that Castle Stuart embraces.

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Castle Stuart’s partially revetted, natural bunkers are derivative of early open sandy areas so typical when there were no defined pathways to the green and types of hazards were varied. Castle Stuart bunkers sometimes ‘save from a worse fate’, create issues for aggressive play, but rarely bracket left-and-right’ limiting play options. Bunkers are not the sole hazard defining play.

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Infinity Edges

The topography at Castle Stuart allows key Highland landmarks to be put on display through infinity edged greens and seen across the Moray Firth. Kessock Bridge (Highland’s ‘Golden Gate’), Chanonry Lighthouse, Fort George (home of military’s elite Black Watch), and Castle Stuart deliver a constant ‘sense of place,’ both in the ‘now’ and in one’s memories. Infinity edges. Beauty beyond.

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Landscape Mosaic

At Castle Stuart, nature bequeathed an opportunity for a links golf course to enjoy a rich landscape texture of Scottish ‘whins’, gorse and broom, heather, and marram – pervasive accents constituting backdrops and context throughout the golf experience – from beginning to end and changing throughout the seasons as nature commands. A rich tapestry. A landscape mosaic. A rugged beauty.

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Sleeper Details

Details are a form of expression. No detail is too small to warrant attention, even edging detail on walk paths. Using rugged railway sleepers complements a rugged natural landscape and resonates with rugged natural bunkers. Green-to-tee walks and walkups to tees are part of the golf experience. Of great consequence? No. Of importance to us? Yes. Beauty in the detail.

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MacKenzie Perspective

Alister MacKenzie’s inspirational musings, captured here from his seminal book ‘Golf Architecture’ (1920), include that the best courses are pleasurable to all players; that the pleasure of negotiating difficulties hinges on there being no main thoroughfare to the hole and require judgment without ‘guide posts’; and that the best courses are in time felt and admired as works of beauty.

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