Hole 1

1st hole through sandy waste area - par 4

Golf 56

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The legendary Arnold Palmer is to build his first golf course in the Home of Golf in a partnership with the world renowned Castle Stuart Golf Links in the Scottish Highlands.

The Arnold Palmer Group has confirmed it is joining forces with Castle Stuart’s managing partner Mark Parsinen and his team to collaborate on a spectacular new 18-hole links course on the Moray Firth near Inverness.

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Drama, Uncertainty, and What’s Precious in Golf

“Should courses strive to test ball-striking perfection while protecting par as sacrosanct, or should courses strive to elicit drama that is engaging, often heartening, and only sometimes crushing?”

Executive GolferMark Parsinen

Risk takers rewarded but a siren’s call a wicked tease

“It’s a beguiling design. There’s a touch of the siren about it. It lures you in with its possibilities, it teases players, it says ‘there’s birdie or an eagle here for you if you’re brave enough… it’s a ‘fun golf course’ the pros will tell you… but it’s no pushover… one slip can be ruinous…”
The Scotsman – Tom English (at the Barclays Scottish Open)

Overseas Destination of the Year

“Castle Stuart might be the most perfectly conceived and executed design ever built…”
Golf Digest – Ron Whitten

The Scottish Golf Renaissance

“besides stirring the heart with its grand views, Castle Stuart sets out to treat the golfer as an honoured guest… Castle Stuart is there to be enjoyed, not endured… and has shown that it is possible to create a world-class golf experience that makes the average golfer feel good as well as tasking better players to bring their very best game.”
The Golfer – David Whyte

King of the Castle

“In Castle Stuart, Mark Parsinen has created the best course built in Britain since WWII. But it’s much more than another new venue – it’s opened up a debate on how golf course architecture should be viewed.”
Golf Illustrated – Peter Masters

Is this Britain’s Best New Course?

“effortlessly blends the very best elements of the likes of St Andrews and Pebble Beach, Ballybunion and Royal County Down, but has also added a refreshingly huge dose of playability… Castle Stuart is going Platinum…”
Golf World – Richard Green

Highland Swing

“Castle Stuart builds on the rich heritage of Scottish Links golf but also takes a pioneering step in terms of design…”
Bunkered – Scotland’s Golf Magazine

Welcome to the House of Stuart

“Castle Stuart is destined to become one of the best courses in the world… it is well on its way to the top echelon of the world rankings…”
Links Magazine – George Peper

Additional Press

Castle Stuart Radical or Throwback A Pleasure to All

“I think we’ve gotten very narrow minded,” Parsinen suggests, “in our view of what great golf and great golf courses are all about. Our view seems to have embraced ‘championship’ courses defined by length, narrow fairways, long rough, and an excessive use of bunkers. Difficulty seems to trump the interest and challenge of decision-making and the variety of issues encountered.”
Executive Golfer – Mark Pazdur

Fairway to Heaven

“Both the course and its surroundings are a visual feast, and playing on it offers a varied and hugely enjoyable golf challenge. Every hole presents a new test and offers a new treat for the eye.”
Super Yacht World – Rob Smith

King of the Castle

“Castle Stuart is already teetering under the weight of accolades from many whose views command respect… Castle Stuart … no frills, no gimmicks, no frippery – just honest-to-goodness links golf…”
Golf Monthly – Malcom Campbell

Castle Stuart – A New Beginning for Golf Architecture

“ranks with Pine Valley, Cypress Point, Royal Melbourne, Royal County Down….”
STRI Bulletin – Alistair Beggs

Well-rounded Trip Features More than Just Golf

“never seen a more impressive course… better than Pebble Beach….”
The Pilot – John Dempsey